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Hearing Health Center

BI Hutchison

BI Hutchison is a TN state licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist and a nationally known expert in the field of amplification for the hard of hearing. In practice for almost 32 years, he has helped thousands of patients get on the road to better hearing. As an advisor to Rexton Inc., a top tier hearing aid company, Mr. Hutchison has conducted field trials of today's most advanced technologies prior to their release to the general public.  Mr Hutchison has been a member of the International Hearing Society since 1984 and has supported the development of ethical dispensing practices that insure each patient's satisfaction and success.


Our comprehensive testing and evaluation program insures you are fit with the proper technology to resolve your personal hearing related issues. Our program includes: Hearing instrument selection and evaluation Full two year warranty on the hearing instruments and accessories Two year supply of batteries · Ear mold(s) if necessary A comprehensive 30 day trial and evaluation process (Satisfaction Guaranteed) Testing, evaluation, and programming for the life of the instruments


Q. I have been told my hearing loss cannot be helped with a hearing aid. Is this true?
A. Recent advancements in digital technology have made it possible to assist individual hearing losses that could not have been helped a few years ago. Summit ENT offers a complete selection of the latest in hearing instrument technologies, including assistive listening devices for special communication needs.

Q. Will it be difficult to adjust to wearing a hearing instrument?
A. No! You have already overcome the most difficult obstacle-admitting to yourself that you do need help! Hearing loss develops gradually over a number of years. Our specialist will assist you in re-entering the wonderful world of sound. It takes time to become accustomed to the pleasures of common sounds. Once this occurs, the instrument becomes comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Q. I have heard people say they have difficulties with their hearing instruments in the presence of background noise.
A. Recent advances in digital hearing instruments, and the addition of directional microphones and noise reduction circuits, have given users unsurpassed hearing in noisy environments.

Q. Will my insurance company pay for my hearing aid(s)?
A. We work with most major insurance companies. If your insurance covers hearing instruments, we will process the paperwork and do all that is possible to solve your hearing health care needs. Please contact BI Hutchison at our office for a complete hearing evaluation and hearing instrument consultation today! The direct number for our clinic is (615) 872-0922. In order to view the PDF files, you can download the Adobe Reader, from here.

Signs of Hearing Loss

  • People say you talk too loudly
  • Your family complains that the TV is too loud
  • You ask your friends and relatives to repeat themselves because you couldn't make out what they said (and it's worse in groups)
  • You seem to hear better out of one ear than the other
  • You have to strain to hear
  • You keep hearing a hissing or ringing background noise

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, contact the Hearing Health Center at Summit ENT Associates for a complete evaluation.